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Precise control of flow rate – SFM-2000 series -Rapid kinetics – Application Note 17

Latest updated: May 6, 2020


Precision control of the flow rate is always essential in stopped-flow and quench-flow rapid kinetics experiments. For example, in multi-mixing stopped-flow experiments the ageing time is dependent on the precision of the flow rate; for pressure-sensitive samples such as vesicles and membranes, variable flow rates may be required to secure solutions during the pushing and stopping phase; while some experiments require flow rates as high as possible to get the shortest dead times or may require lower flow rates such as FT-IR cells. Bio-Logic’s SFM-series of stopped-flows use of independent stepping motor technology provides users with a wide range of precisely and accurately controlled flow rates to accommodate the above needs without hardware reconfiguration. This application note illustrates the precision of the flow rate delivery of the SFM series of stopped-flows is demonstrated following the reduction of dichlorophenolindophenol by ascorbic acid under variable flow rates. No hardware reconfiguration is necessary because the independent stepping motors are controlled by the software automatically, making the SFM instruments unique. The reduction kinetics are then be reconstructed by plotting amplitude versus observed dead time demonstrating the high precision of the total flow rate for the SFM series of stopped flows.


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