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Levich and Koutecký-Levich analysis tools: Electrochemical reaction kinetics measurement – Application Note 56

Latest updated: August 31, 2021


This note describes these analysis tools that can be used to analyse data obtained with a Rotating Disk Electrode (RDE).
Kinetic information such as diffusion coefficient, symmetry factor and standard constant of redox reactions can be determined.

Since EC-Lab v11.00, the Levich and Koutecký-Levich analysis tools are available. This note will aim at describing what is performed during this analysis and which information can be obtained. The Rotating Disk Electrode (RDE) allows the user to control the velocity of the fluid. The steady-state mass transport conditions of the species involved in the redox reactions are then known [1,2]. The renewal of the solution at a disk electrode occurs thanks to an ascending movement of the solution perpendicularly to the electrode. The fluid is then ejected on the outside of the disk electrode (Fig. 1).


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