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Introduction to Foil Cell – Scanning Probes. Application Note 20

Latest updated: May 6, 2020


The Foil Cell is an optional accessory for use with the µTriCell and Shallow µTriCell. It has been designed specifically for use with flat, foil type electrodes, such as those used in batteries. This note demonstrates the use of the foil cell with two different sample types: (1) a polycarbonate membrane, (2) commercial battery electrodes.


The Foil Cell (Part Number: U-uFoilCell), Fig. 1, is an optional accessory for the µTriCell and Shallow µTriCell used with the M370 and M470. It has been designed specifically for use with thin, flat samples, in particular the foil electrodes are often used in battery research. Unlike the µTriCell options, the Foil Cell allows the user to seal directly onto the sample of interest without the need for any extra components. Furthermore, this has been achieved to use a minimal amount of electrolyte, whilst not compromising the user’s ability to position the probe with respect to the sample or perform subsequent experiments. This application note aims to introduce the Foil Cell through the demonstration of its use with two different sample types, a polycarbonate membrane, and commercial battery electrodes.

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