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Impact of temperature on calendar ageing of Lithium-ion battery using incremental capacity analysis

Latest updated: May 29, 2020

Authors: M.Maures, Y.Zhang, C.Martin, Y.Delétage, M.Vinassa, O.Briat




In this paper, a calendar ageing model featuring time and temperature dependence of a Lithium-ion battery is proposed. The ageing procedure is done at a high state of charge (SoC) of 95% and the tested temperatures range from −20 °C to 55 °C. Electrochemical methods such as incremental capacity analysis (ICA) and differential voltage analysis (DVA) are used to quantify the evolution of the most important degradation modes such as conductivity loss (CL), loss of active material (LAM) and loss of lithium inventory (LLI). While the quantification methods used here are extracted from previous power cycling studies, their validity on calendar ageing data is verified, and a model of each degradation mode evolution versus time including temperature parameterization is proposed.


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