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Exciton coupled circular dichroism using MOS-500 – MOS-500 – Spectroscopy – Application Note 24

Latest updated: May 6, 2020


Exciton Coupled Circular Dichroism (EC-CD) results from the interaction between two coupled chiral chromophores in a macromolecule whose electronic transitions interact generating distinct CD signals resulting from the opposing Cotton effects. The resulting spectrum reveals information relating to the absolute configuration of complex structures due to affect of distance, angle, environment, and stereo configuration on the geometry of the coupling effect for the chromophores. This application note describes the use of the MOS 500 to obtain an EC-CD spectrum of 2-aminopurin labelled protein in the presence of absence of DNA without hardware reconfiguration or nitrogen purging because of the isolation of the optics from the light source making it the easiest and lowest cost system to run for obtaining EC-CD information.


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