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EIS measurements with multi sine – Battery – Corrosion – Application Note 19

Latest updated: August 31, 2021


The electrochemical Impedance measurement is a powerful method for the characterization of an electrochemical system. The measurement duration at a frequency fi is inversely proportional to the frequency fi, and therefore the measurement takes a long time at low frequencies. The multi-sine mode allows a reduction of the total measurement time by exciting and measuring various frequencies at the same time.

In this note, a presentation of multi-sine mode is given. A comparison between the EIS diagram obtained with single sine mode and multi-sine mode on a battery system is also provided.



EIS measurements sometimes take a very long time, especially at low frequencies. It can be an important issue for systems varying with time.To overcome this problem, it would be useful
to work in the multi sine impedance measurement mode. This measurement mode consists of exciting and measuring various frequencies in the same time contrary to the single sine measurement mode. The multi sine measurement is defined as the sum u(t) of the sinusoids at different frequencies with the same amplitude A and different phases Φ [1,2]…


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