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dc- and ac-SECM Measurements on Si Nanowire Arrays – Scanning Probes – Application Note 10

Latest updated: May 6, 2020


Si nanowire arrays are of growing interest because of their prospects in energy storage and renewable energy production device such as solar cells. In this note, dc- and ac-SECM are used to characterize the electrochemical properties of such arrays in various aqueous electrolytes. The structure revealed by the SECM maps obtained with an M470 corresponds to the structure revealed by the SEM pictures, indicating that heterogeneities in surface conductivities are related to morphological features.



The use of SECM in energy storage applications has grown in recent years. Si nanowire arrays, of interest for their prospects in solar cells and batteries [1], were provided by GREMAN. Investigating the local electrochemical properties of such arrays can help us in understanding how to optimize their properties in operation. Local techniques can help in highlighting the electrochemical heterogeneities of these electrodes. These arrays were measured by both dc- and ac-SECM allowing their activity to be mapped, and correlated with SEM

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