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Automatic concentration dependance studies – SFM-2000 series – Rapid kinetics – Application Note 19

Latest updated: July 9, 2020


Concentration dependence studies follow reaction kinetics while varying the concentration of one of the reagents. These studies are tedious and time-consuming when performed manually. Bio-Logic stopped-flow systems are designed so that a series of automatic concentration steps for a complete study, can be done quickly. In a couple of minutes with outstanding precision, a series of concentration can be done 20 times more rapidly compared to competitive instruments! Indeed other stopped flows are unable to propose such kind of program due to poor instrument modularity (1). Bio-kine is the only software proposing automation of mixing ratio. This note illustrates the use of the concentration dependence function of the SFM by following the concentration dependency of A in the reaction A + B, while keeping concentration B constant. It is done using 3 syringes and 2 mixers according to the following diagram.


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