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Achieving micron scale measurements using the SECM150 – Scanning Probes. Application Note 18

Latest updated: May 6, 2020


The SECM150 has been designed with high resolution Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy (SECM) measurements in mind. This note demonstrates the use of the 1 µm probes with the SECM150 to measure 1 µm features. Pointers for successfully measuring features on the micron scale are given.


The SECM150 has been designed with high resolution in mind. The SECM150 has a small possible step size (down to 50 nm), which matches well with the capillary SECM probes offered by Bio-Logic (Product code U-P5/5, 2,& 1). Furthermore, the design of the SECM150 allows these small probes to be used with scan rates which achieve results quickly, without excessive loss in the quality of the scan. The high resolution of the SECM150 makes it ideal for investigating features on the micron scale. In this application note, the SECM150 is used to measure membranes with pore sizes down to 1 µm, over a standard Au sample. Using the SECM150 it was possible to focus on areas under 10 x 10 µm2, and easily resolve 1 µm features.

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