Small volume cells vials

Single and double-walled vials for small analytical cells

Replacement vials are available for VC-4, SVC-2, SVC-3 small analytical cells as well as RRDE-3A cell. PTFE caps and cell holders can also be found in this section.

Single and double-walled vials are available for 5 mL cell (VC-4), 20 mL cell (SVC-2, SVC-3) and 100 mL cell (RRDE-3A and bulk electrolysis cells). Additionally, PTFE vials for alkaline media are available for 100 and 200 mL RRDE-3A and bulk electrolysis cells.

PTFE caps are also available here for 100 and 200 mL vials (RRDE-3A and bulk electrolysis cell), as well as a cell holder for 20 mL vial (SVC-2, SVC-3).

Specifications and ordering information

Catalog No. Volume OD ID Height Qty Purpose
simple vial A-011504 5 mL 18 mm 15.6 mm 30 mm 10 VC-4
A-001056 20 mL 28 mm 25.6 mm 50 mm 10 SVC-2, SVC-3
A-012632 100 mL 50 mm 46.4 mm 72 mm 1 RRDE-3A, bulk electrolysis
water jacketed-glass vial A-012672 5 mL 40 mm 15.6 mm 40 mm 1 VC-4
A-001051 20 mL 55 mm 25.6 mm 50 mm 1 SVC-2, SVC-3
A-012652 100 mL 70 mm 46.4 mm 80 mm 1 RRDE-3A, bulk electrolysis
simple vial for alkaline solution A-013580 100 mL 51 mm 46.5 mm 72 mm 10 RRDE-3A, bulk electrolysis
A-013581 200 mL 67 mm 62 mm 72 mm 8 RRDE-3A, bulk electrolysis
cell holder for A-001056 A-001209 1 SVC-2, SVC-3
PTFE cap for 100 mL cells A-012631 1 for A-012632, A-012652, A-013580
PTFE cap for 200 mL cells A-013582 1 for A-013581

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