Large Volume Cell Vials

Up to 2,000 mL

Replacement glassware or larger vials are available for the large analytical cell and the standard corrosion cell.

The volumes available for the analytical cell are: 80 mL for single-walled vial, 80 and 150 mL for double-walled vials. For the standard corrosion cell, the available volumes are: 1 L for single-walled vial, 1 and 2 L for double-walled vials. For the flat cell, only one vAn aluminium holder is available for the 1 L single-walled vial if stirring and heating is needed on a magnetic plate. Please also note that other volumes are available on request.

Specifications and ordering information


Catalog No. Volume OD ID Height Qty Purpose
simple vial EL-A-001 80 mL 90 mm 62 mm 80 mm 1 EL-ELECTRO-1
EL-C-001 1000 mL 120 mm 90 mm 175 mm 1 EL-CORR-1
water jacketed-glass vial EL-A-002 80 mL 90 mm 62 mm 85 mm 1 EL-ELECTRO-2
EL-A-020 150 mL 1 EL-ELECTRO-3
EL-C-002 1000 mL 120 mm 90 mm 200 mm 1 EL-CORR-2
EL-F-002 250 mL 1 EL-FLAT


cell holder for king size vial (1 L) EL-C-018 1 EL-CORR-1

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