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Corrosion current determination with mass transfer limitation – Corrosion – Application Note 47

Latest updated: August 31, 2021


In many electrochemical methods, the estimation of the corrosion rate are based on the assumption that the corrosion system is tafelian whereas the corrosion of the most materials are often mass transfer controlled.



Several methods are available in EC-Lab® to measure the corrosion current:
– Stern Method (Tafel Fit),
– Stern and Geary method,
– VASP (VASP Fit),
– CASP (CASP Fit).

The first two methods are described in the Application Note #10 [1], the latter two in the Application Notes #36 [2] and #37 [3]. These methods are used in the case of general corrosion when the steady-state current potential curve satisfies the Stern (or WagnerTraud) relationship…


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