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Independent stepping motors: 5 reasons why they make sense…

Latest updated: June 2, 2023


Microvolume precision

The motor technology we use is based on nanoliters steps resulting in outstanding precision at the microliter volume scales required for stopped-flow experiments. Sample consumption is generally limited by the size of the observation cell and not by the motor itself. Most experiments only require 50 to 100 µl of sample, but in some conditions sample consumption can be reduced to 3µl which illustrates the high performance of the motors.



Full control of flow rate

Full control of flow rate is extremely useful for multi-mixing experiments where you need to age solution between mixing events. It is also a key feature necessary to preserve the integrity of pressure sensitive samples like membranes, vesicles or living cells. This is also why our stopped-flow have been coupled for years to X-ray beamlines, FT-IR or dual comb spectrometers that use fragile capillaries or calcium fluoride observation cells.



Free mixing-ratio

Unlike rival instruments, you can freely set the mixing ratio from 1:1 to 1:100 to adapt the stopped-flow to your experimental needs. You have full control over your concentrations. You choose the exact ratio you want, giving you full creative control. For example, If you wish to perform a 1:6.2 mixing ratio to reach an exact concentration you can do this really easily. This is a feature that also opens the door to automation. You can program a series of concentrations; the software will automatically calculate the mixing ratio to apply at each shot and run all concentrations. This saves precious laboratory time, reduces human dilution error and saves samples as you only need to load them once.




Thanks to independent motors your instrument is not confined to stopped-flow applications. You can convert the instrument in minutes to freeze quench, chemical quench-flow or to a titration unit. You can save laboratory space and optimize your investment as you do not need to buy multiple one-task-instruments.



10 years warranty

At BioLogic we understand that you need reliable instruments that will stand the test of time and the rigours of the laboratory and that you invest in the future when you buy a stopped-flow. BioLogic offers a 10 year warranty on its stopped-flow stepping motors. Our 10 year warranty reflects our confidence in the high quality of our design, engineering, and product performance.




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