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50 µl of sample is all you need for a series of stopped-flow experiment!

Latest updated: June 2, 2023

Reducing sample consumption in stopped-flow experiments has always been a high priority as the cost of samples (proteins, peptides etc.) can equate to hundreds or thousands of dollars per milliliter.

For typical refolding experiments using classical stopped-flow equipment (a 10 fold dilution) the user would use 20-30 μl of sample per shot. So, when one considers you need around 9-10 shots for a good statistical analysis, and also considering the priming volume of the system, 500μl is often considered as a minimum volume for stock solution to schedule a series of experiments.

The microvolume stopped-flow μSFM significantly reduces sample usage. Only 50 μl of precious sample in a vial is required to plan a series of experiments. The solution is directly transferred from the storage vial to the driving syringe and only 3 µl of precious protein is used for each experiment. The ability to conserve as much precious sample as possible not only saves money, but opens up scope for researchers to carry out more experiments …. READ MORE +

Watch out what µSFM can do for you : BioLogic-µSFM presentation

Micro-volume stopped-flow µSFM Refolding/Folding kinetics

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