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Ohmic Drop Part II: Intro. to Ohmic Drop measurement techniques (Ohmic drop measurement)- Battery – AN. 28

Latest updated: August 31, 2021


The ohmic drop is RΩI where RΩ is defined as the solution resistance between the working electrode and the reference electrode plus any resistances in the working electrode itself, wires ; I is the current flowing between the working and the counter electrode. Two methods are used in EC-lab software to calculate this ohmic drop: electrochemical impedance (ZIR) and Current Interrupt (CI). A comparison of these methods is given in the note. It can be seen that the most accurate measurement of the ohmic drop is obtained by impedance.



As explained in ref [1], ohmic drop can have a large influence on the result of some experiments. It is then interesting to know how to determine the value of this resistance. Various techniques can be used such as electrochemical impedance spectroscopy or current interrupt method. The aim of this application note is to compare these two methods…


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