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Instrument & Quartz Crystal Microbalance (QCM) coupling: Mass measurement during polypyrrol film deposition – AN. 13

Latest updated: August 31, 2021

This application note presents experiments performed using a QCM coupled to a BioLogic potentiostat. The mass uptake during the electropolymerization of pyrrole was monitored by the QCM simultaneously to current and potential, measured by the potentiostat. The resonant frequency change was measured using the auxiliary analog output of the QCM and the analog input on the BioLogic device. The QCM output voltage signal is automatically converted into a resonant frequency change.


Research advances and trends towards studies in the sphere of nanotechnology is driving researchers towards increasingly more efficient analytical methods. Using a single technique, within a single scientific field may no longer be sufficient to identify and describe a whole system. Especially for bioelectrochemical systems, it becomes essential to have more than one analytical technique to understand the mechanisms of the reaction. Our potentiostat/galvanostat product range is designed to be able to record external analog signals collected by another instrument. Our instruments are provided with 2 auxiliary analog inputs. The instrument records two analog voltages as auxiliary signals. A specific menu in EC-Lab® software is made to configure the recorded signals in terms of label and unit to be the same as the original signals measured by the external device.


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