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Cyclic and linear electron flow in plants revealed by JTS-10 spectrometer – Photosynthesis – Application Note 2

Latest updated: May 6, 2020



Photosynthetic process on raw material such as leaves, algae has been widely investigated via fluorescence measurements, especially on PSII. JTS-10 has the capacity to reveal fast oxidation and reduction kinetics through absorbance measurements, in all the visible and Infra-Red wavelength ranges, without restrictions. The time resolution of the method can vary from 10µs to several seconds to minutes. The aim of this note is to show how a cyclic vs linear electron flow can be easily revealed using JTS-10. Examples can be found in the literature following the same method (Joliot et al.). In linear mode, the electrons are transferred from water to NADP and then to the Benson and Calvin cycle (figure 1).
In electron flow mode, the electron flow occurs between PSI and Cyt b6f complex (figure 1).


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