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+49 551 38266900
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On April 1st, 2019 BioLogic’s German subsidiary opened its doors in the heart of Germany, at Göttingen. With our combined 15 years of experience in electrochemistry and electric material testing, we strive to serve Germany, Austria and German-speaking Switzerland with exceptional levels of sales, technical and service support across all our local markets. Our dynamic young team will contact you with one objective: providing robust technological solutions to meet your measurement needs. Thankfully, with such a large, reliable and highly respected product portfolio at our service, there is almost no challenge that cannot be overcome.

Julia Berlin, Dipl.-Phys.
CEO & Managing Partner, BioLogic Germany


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BioLogic Science Instruments

Rodeweg 20, 37081 Göttingen, Deutschland


+49 551 38266900

Mon-Fri 9h-17h
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