From R&D to pilot production to production testing to quality control.

BioLogic battery cyclers

A range of high-performance battery cyclers that excel at every level of the value chain.


BioLogic’s comprehensive range of modular battery testing equipment has been designed to meet the needs of academic and industrial battery specialists at every level of the value chain.

The MPG battery tester series, with its reference electrode management, negative voltage, ultra-fast acquisition times, simultaneous EIS on every channel makes for a range of instruments purpose-built to meet the needs of battery development specialists.

While the state-of-the-art BCS series is a modular, rackable range of high-performance battery cyclers featuring integrated EIS. Offering up to 120 A per module, an acquisition time of 2ms, BCS battery cyclers have earned a justifiable reputation for reliability and performance in industry.

MPG & BCS battery cycler Series. Which one best suits your needs?

The MPG battery tester series:
Precision, stability and high-end analysis – perfect for in-house R&D or academia


Precision, stability, and advanced EC (electrochemical) techniques and analyses are the keywords that define BioLogic’s MPG range of battery cyclers. These instruments stand out for their 7 current ranges and their negative voltage as well as ultra-fast acquisition times. This, and the fact that they are the only battery cyclers on the market to give users a real reference electrode management make them perfect instruments for research and development applications.

Real workhorses, MPG battery testers will run and run with minimal maintenance, delivering results with unparalleled levels of quality and precision.

This range of benchtop R&D grade battery cyclers runs off EC-Lab® software, an industry benchmark in electrochemistry control software, so you can easily transition from BioLogic’s potentiostat/galvanostats to battery cycling without having to familiarize yourself with new software.


The BCS battery cycler range: Modularity, flexibility and power

Perfect for Industry or academics requiring high-quality, high-throughput performance when using a battery cycler.


Modularity, flexibility, and high-end analytical performance are the keywords that define the BCS battery cycler range: a highly modular, state-of-the-art, battery cycling system built for industry. This rackable, high-throughput system will enable you to carry out multiple experiments on the same instrument, helping you to reduce capital outlay for R&D infrastructure. And with 8 channels per module, a voltage range of 0-9/10V, and integrated EIS, the BCS battery cycler series will answer all your battery testing needs.

Supported by BT-Lab®, our proprietary battery cycler control software, users can exploit a wide range of benefits including global view (all channels displayed simultaneously), Modulo-Bat technique, intelligent recording, and modify-on-the-fly (build your experiment as you go – no need to pre-plan).




MPG and BCS battery cycler Specifications

Please find below specifications for the BCS and MPG battery cyclers

  BCS-800 battery cycler MPG-200 battery tester
Time base 2 ms 200 µs
Max current per channel 150 mA; 1.5 A; 15 A (120 A //) 100 mA; 5 A
Current range 5 7
Voltage range 0 to +10V +/-10 V; -2 to +9V
EIS mode Optional – Sequential Optional – Simultaneous
EIS range 10 mHz to 10 kHz 10 µHz to 20 kHz
Cell connection (leads) 4 5 (MPG-2) – 4 (MPG-205)
Temperature probe K-type thermocouple PT-100
Software BT-Lab® EC-Lab®