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JTS-10 is the montitoring and control software for JTS spectrometers.  It allows users to control light sources and data acquisition under different modes: absorbance and fluorescence.

No program limitation
A predefined library of sequences is included in Jts-10 software. All sequences can be modified at will and saved to be downloaded later. The program has been designed to give the user optimal control over the use of lights: saturated pulse assessment, continuous light illumination and detection etc


Upgrade your JTS-10 software v1.24
JTS-10 version history

JTS-10 software/hardware compatibility

The JTS-10 software has been modified to work with the new PCIe-6535 from National Instruments. A standard PCI express slot is needed to install the plug-and-play board. The previous board PCI 6533 is still supported by version 1.21 and higher.
Note: the NIDAQmx drivers V9.1.1 or higher is needed for the JTS-10 software V1.20 or higher.

Software installation

  • – Create an empty directory, unzip the downloaded file in this directory and run <setup.exe> from the JTS-10 sub-directory. Do not install this new version over a previous one : rename the directory or use a different one.
  • – After connecting the JTS-10 control unit to the USB port of the computer, you will be asked for a driver. Select the driver_usb_2000_xp directory from the installation package.
  • – Also please look at technical note #0: JTS-10 hardware and software installation.

Note : This version requires Windows2000, WindowsXP, Win7-32 or Win7-64 and the NI-DAQ drivers supplied with the PCI-6535 from NI.


JTS10 Software

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Version history