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Latest updated: April 14, 2021

For more information on the M470, the successor to the M370 please click here.


The following application notes are relevant to the M370

AN#1 – Height tracking with the SKP370 or SKP470 module
AN#2 – SECM height relief with OSP: An application in corrosion
AN#3 – SECM height relief with OSP: an application in sensors
AN#4 – Post-treatment and optimization of area scan experiments
AN#5 – Introducing the Microscopic Image Rapid Analysis (MIRA) software
AN#8 – Graphical and analysis tools in M370/M470 software
AN#9 – SKP imaging example of a corroded Zn-plated Fe sample
AN#12 – 3D Map production using the 3DIsoPlot software
AN#20 – Introduction to Foil Cell
AN#22 – The use of the SVP470 for Vibrating Probe measurements of plants


The following technical notes are relevant to the M370:

TN#1 – Magnitudes and principles used in Scanning Vibrating Electrode Technique
TN#2 – Practical methods to correlate the SVP voltage to a current at a sample’s surface
TN#3 – Relating Work Function Difference Measured by Scanning Kelvin Probe (SKP) to Corrosion Potential
TN#4 – The importance of the Counter Electrode in LEIS measurement
TN#5 – Using custom probes for LEIS, SVP and SKP experiments
TN#6 – Ultra Micro-Electrodes (UMEs) for SECM techniques
TN#8 – Scanning Vibrating Electrode Technique (SVET): factors affecting the measurement
TN#9 – 150 μm SKP probe: description, advantage and user’s guidelines
TN#10 – The application of Gwyddion imaging software to M370/M470 Results
TN#11 – Determining the probe diameter and RG ratio in an SECM experiment
TN#12 – ac-SECM and LEIS: differences and similarities
TN#14 – Height Tracking Inputs for SKP Investigations
TN#17 – Preventing Damage by ElectroStatic Discharge


User Manuals relevant to the M370

M370 User Manual
LEIS 370 User Manual
3300 Operating Manual
PG580R User Manual
VCAM3 Manual
µTriCell Manual
Shallow µTriCell Manual
TriCell Manual
3DIsoPlot Manual
MIRA Manual


The following presentations are relevant to the M470

SECM for bio-sensors
Application of local electrochemical probes for coatings studies
Application of local electrochemical probes for corrosion studies
Application of local electrochemical probes for energy studies
Application of scanning probe electrochemistry for biological studies

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