June Webinar Series: EIS

BioLogic ran a series of free webinars this June (24th and 25th).


This theme of this series “From setup to EIS: how to obtain consistently good results” was relevant to users wishing to gain a broad understanding of potentiostats, their use, their capabilities, and important operational information, together with details of advanced functionality such as impedance and EIS quality indicators.


We also communicated key information relating to best laboratory practice and gave practical examples explaining how you can obtain consistent, accurate results every time. The second webinar dug deeper into the importance of EIS using examples taken from the fields of energy and corrosion.


These highly successful events were oversubscribed and the video below is made available for those people who took part in the event or who subscribed but were not able to secure a place.


If you would like to take part in future webinars, please contact us via this link clearly noting the name of your organization and your email address and noting “Future webinars” at the top of the message. We will add you to a priority list for future events, should one be planned in your sales territory.


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