BioLogic EIS Workshop: Gottingen

Batteries have been characterized electrically using DC techniques for a long time. But electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) is becoming more and more common. Why it isn’t as common as DC techniques is mostly due to two factors: On one hand, in-depth background knowledge may not be available, on the other hand, sometimes a little respect for these sine waves prevents the establishment of these powerful measurement methods in a test-site. To overcome these two hurdles, BioLogic is running a hands-on workshop in its offices in Göttingen, Germany on May 5 and 6, 2020. In this workshop we will give you an introduction to the following topics in what will be an intensive course on EIS management:


  • Down the rabbit hole and into the world of electrochemical impedance spectroscopy
    • What is EIS and how do I measure correctly? (Theory, GEIS vs PEIS, 2-point or 4-point measurement?)
    • Typical sources of error (instrument, sample holder, parameters and correlation between parameters and measurement task at hand)
    • How to interpret the measured curves? (ZFit, Kramers-Kronig, equivalent circuit diagrams for batteries)
  • What comes after Nyquist, Bode, ZFit and Co?
    • Correction options (drift, adaptive GEIS measurements)
    • Stack measurements
    • EIS for different SoCs
    • Multi Sine
    • Multi-fit of many measurements at the same time
    • Quality Indicators (THD, NSD, NSR)

Each theory lesson is followed by a hands-on session on the device, in which we use various examples to illustrate the impact of the effects discussed.

The cost is € 600 excluding VAT for both days. The workshop language is English. If you are interested please email us via the contact page adding EIS workshop Gottingen at the beginning of the message field