Small size bridge tubes

These bridge tubes for small reference electrodes can also be used as replacement glassware.

The small bridge tubes are available with two OD sizes: 6 and 9 mm. The 6 mm bridge tube can also be used as a replacement glass part for example for RE-7 series reference electrodes. 9 mm bridge tubes can be used in SVC-2 voltammetry cell. Both bridge tubes are compatible with 092-VYC3 repair kit, which comes with 10 CoralPorTM porous glad frits and 200 mm heat shrink PTFE tubes.

Specifications and ordering information


Ref. electrode compatible Catalog No. OD Height Qty Purpose
Small size bridge tube Ø 6 mm A-012176 6 mm 68 mm 2, 22 for A-012306 SVC-2, SVC-3
Ø 9 mm A-012177 9 mm 68 mm 2, 22 for A-012307 SVC-2


Options Catalog N°
Repair kit for Vycor-based bridge tubes 092-VYC3

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