Purge and bridge tubes for corrosion cells

The bridge tubes allow to prevent the reference electrode from being contaminated by the electrolyte. Purge tubes are used to control the gas concentration in and above your electrolyte.

Bridge tubes are used to avoid direct contact of the reference electrode with the electrolyte. Also it ensures a very short distance between the reference and the working electrode, minimizing the ohmic drop. Purge tubes are used when the electrolyte needs to be oxygen-free. Usually one uses an inert gas such as argon or nitrogen to purge the solution and also create an oxygen-free environment on top of the electrolyte, preventing air to enter the cell.. Two bridge tubes are available, both for the flat cell and the corrosion cell: one can accommodate 6 and 8 mm diameter reference electrodes. Two purge tubes are available for both the flat and standard corrosion cell: one has a single tube and the other is double-walled to allow the user to blanket the electrolyte.

Specifications and ordering information


ID Catalog No. OD Height Qty Purpose
Bridge tube for corrosion cells 6 mm EL-C-008 10 mm 250 mm 1 EL-CORR
8 mm EL-C-017 10 mm 250 mm 1 EL-CORR
6 mm EL-F-004 10 mm 120 mm 1 EL-FLAT
8 mm EL-F-004B 10 mm 140 mm 1 EL-FLAT
Purge tube for corrosion cells EL-C-016


10 mm 200 mm 1 EL-CORR


10 mm 220 mm 1 EL-CORR


Option Catalog N°
Repair kit for Vycor-based bridge tubes 092-VYC4


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