Electrode tips

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A wide range of materials and sizes are available for electrode tips to be mounted on the BluRev products.

The electrode material is inserted into a PEEK body to ensure an excellent chemical compatibility and an outstanding mechanical integrity. The required threading is a standard M6 threading, for an optimal mechanical transferability.

Specifications and ordering information


Electrode Tips
Pt (99.9%) disk, d = 2 mm 094-Pt/2
Au (99.9%) disk, d = 2 mm 094-Au/2
Glassy Carbon disk, d = 3 mm 094-GC/3
Ag (99.9%) disk, d = 3 mm 094-Ag/3
Cu (99.9%) disk, d = 3 mm 094-Cu/3
Ni (99.9%) disk, d = 3 mm 094-Ni/3
Al (99.9%) disk, d = 3 mm 094-Al/3
316L Stainless steel disk, d = 3 mm 094-316L/3
Glassy Carbon disk, d = 5 mm 094-GC/5

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