BluRev Rotating Disk Electrode (RDE)

Keep steady with BluRev RDE

The BluRev RDE is a versatile and rugged rotating disk electrode ideal for use with any Bio-Logic potentiostat/galvanostat. It is available with a choice of quick-fit exchangeable electrode tips in a wide range of materials and diameters.

The BluRev RDE can be used with a wide range of cells, in particular EL-ELECTRO-1, EL-ELECTRO-2 or EL-ELECTRO-3 kit. Please note that if you already have one of these cells, you will need a special compatible cap: 094-A-CAP. Otherwise, you may purchase a new EL-ELECTRO-1 kit with the compatible cap included: EL-BLUREV. The RC-10k unit controls the RDE rotation speed. It offers an accuracy of ±1 rpm over the whole rotational range for precise and fully reproducible experimental conditions. The measured rotation speed is clearly displayed on a five-digit LCD screen. The speed can be set manually or by using the analog output of a Bio‑Logic instrument for example. Any other device with an analog output can be used. Using EC‑Lab®, you can easily program and perform a Levich experiment all in one go, and also use the new EIS element Winf that will directly give you the diffusion coefficient.

Specifications and ordering information


Catalog No.
Rotating Disk Electrode system including control unit and electrode rotator 094-RC/RDE


RC-10k, controlling unit for RDE 094-RC
RDE without tip (100-10 000 tr/min) 094-RDE
Male BNC/BNC cables (1 pcs – Length: 1 m) COR28100
Sub-D9 to 8 BNC connectors for external control 092-22/1
1 replacement brush contact 094-RDE-BRUSH


Electrode Tips
2 mm diameter 99.9% Platinum disk electrode 094-Pt/2
2 mm diameter 99.9% Gold disk electrode 094-Au/2
3 mm diameter Glassy Carbon disk electrode 094-GC/3
3 mm diameter 99.9% Silver disk electrode 094-Ag/3
3 mm diameter 99.9% Copper disk electrode 094-Cu/3
3 mm diameter 99.9% Nickel disk electrode 094-Ni/3
3 mm diameter 99.9% Aluminium disk electrode 094-Al/3
3 mm diameter 316L Stainless steel disk electrode 094-316L/3
5 mm diameter Glassy Carbon disk electrode 094-GC/5

Please also note that the BluRev RDE is compatible with the EL-ELECTRO-1/2/3 kits glassware.

If you already have a kit, please make sure to purchase a compatible cap: 094-A-CAP.

Otherwise, you can purchase an EL-ELECTRO-1 kit with the 094-A-CAP already included: EL-BLUREV.


Main Specifications
Rotational range/rpm 100 to 10 000
Accuracy/rpm ±1 over the whole rotational range
Eccentricity/mm <0.1
Minimum control step increment/rpm 10
Measurement resolution/rpm 1
Aux I/O for external control/measurement Yes
Operating temperature/°C 10 to 40

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