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BluQCM QMD is the multichannel version of the BluQCM QSD and includes frequency change and dissipation measurements. Up to 4 channels can be used simultaneously both for flow and acoustic sensing measurements.

The BluQCM QMD is designed for people requiring measurements on more than one channel. Compared to the BluQCM QSD, the QMD is provided with temperature control by default and can be populated by up to four channels. The fluidic part is more evolved as it can distribute up to four different reagents or buffers. Furthermore the fluidic channel also includes a degasser for a smooth bubble-free operation. The number of channels is totally configurable for the analyzer and the fluid controller.

AWS Suite® is the software controlling the BluQCM products.

It enables the user to manage the entire experiment. One interface manages both the acoustic and electrochemical interface, and can provide flow management as well if needed. Moreover, an analysis package is also available to process the data on-line.

Specifications and ordering information

Catalog n°
2 channels AW-A20/2
3 channels AW-A20/3
4 channels AW-A20/4


Catalog n°
1 channel AW-F20/1
2 channels AW-F20/2
3 channels AW-F20/3
4 channels AW-F20/4


General functions
Operation modes High Resolution Mode

Sweep mode

Tracking Mode

Sensors technologies QCM, HFF-QCM, LOVE
Number of cell modules Up to 4 cell modules
Sensor cell Different types available
Volume above sensor 3 μL – 25 μL (depending on sensor and cell type)
Temperature control Integrated in the system (Peltier)
Measurement in air Yes
Simultaneous overtones measurements Up to 7 (up to 13th)
Frequency range 5 MHz – 160 MHz
Frequency resolution 1 mHz
Frequency stability ± 0.05 ppm, over 0 to 50 °C
Frequency accuracy ± 0.1 Hz
Max. sweeping time 12 frequency points/second
Phase resolution 0.005º
Amplitude resolution 0.15 mV
Control range 20-40 °C
Stability +/-0.05 °C
Remote control and monitoring interface via ethernet
Dimensions (HxWxD) 32 x 75 x 45 cm
Weight 25 kg


General functions
Up to 4 flow-through channels

Each channel includes:

1 positive displacement syringe pump (250 μL)

1 distribution valve (up to four different buffers/ reagents)

1 in-line degasser

1 injection valve for sample injection

1 solenoid pump for precise sampling

The 4 flow channels can be operated individually or simultaneously
The standard version of QMD-F20 works simultaneously with QMD-300
Built-in thermostatic system for temperature control of liquids
Remote control and monitoring interface with AWSuite
Dimensions (HxWxD) 45 x 75 x 45 cm
Weight 35 kg with complete 4 module configuration


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